#DISRUPTIVES (Voices & the Wanderings)

In 2014 I started a series of interviews under the concept of “Women in SOUND Experimentation” in NOISE is the Message, as a result of my interest in making visible women’s work and diversity in the field of sound.

With a diverse result, the interviews revealed the enormous work of the artists and how difficult it is to be visible in a purely masculine environment. An environment that, through denial and contempt, fails to undermine the desire and talent of each of the interviewees who have contributed their voice in support of their work.

Artists in general, creators in particular, simply women with a very personal approach to sound. From the everyday, they made me rethink my way of listening, they opened up new ways of understanding the soundscape, experimentation and the way I approach my own work.

The premise of this project is to continue the work I have begun.

This project counts with the collaboration of the sound artist Sol Rezza, whom I met during the making of Mujeres en la Experimentación SONORA, and whose contribution from the field of sound experimentation will create a rich collaboration, an encounter between the world of radio and oral history, and will open up that space between the feminine and the masculine. To re-imagine these sonic encounters from the oral tradition, possible moments that create bridges to listening.

In this project, it is essential to create new artistic links through sound experimentation with ears that are not usually the conventional ones.

Franco Falistoco, Sol Rezza.

Sol Rezza | Franco Falistoco — 2021 | PH Marcos Pignani
Sol Rezza | Franco Falistoco — 2021 | PH Marcos Pignani

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