“I believe that, for centuries, every conversation between man and woman has begun with a “don’t interrupt me” on the part of the man. Until now the monologue seems to have been the preferred mode of expression adopted by him.”

—|Woman and her Expression, Victoria Ocampo

Many of us men have heard for generations the “don’t interrupt me” of which the Argentinean writer Victoria Ocampo speaks. Our grandmothers, our mothers, our sisters, our work colleagues were silenced again and again in this way.

Men’s psychological abuse of women left and still leaves deep marks not only on women, but also on their families, on the communities, on the societies in which we develop.

It is necessary to be able to reassemble new structures, where these social mandates change and new concrete, intimate realities emerge without impediments, which help us to build a future that not only gives women the place that has been denied to them for so long, but also brings us men closer to a handful of possibilities, hitherto unknown to us, from the female point of view. So that we can not only get to know this unknown world, but also relearn our own.

In 2014 I began a series of interviews under the concept of “Women in SOUND Experimentation” in NOISE is the Message, as a result of my interest in making female work and diversity in the field of sound visible.

With a diverse result, the interviews revealed the enormous work of the artists and how difficult it is to be visible in a purely masculine environment. An environment that, from denial and contempt, does not manage to undermine both the desire and the talent of each interviewee who contributed her voice with support for her work.

Artists in general, creators in particular, simply women with a very personal approach to sound. From the everyday, they made me rethink my way of listening, they opened before me new ways of understanding the soundscape, experimentation and the way of approaching my own work.

The premise of this project is to continue the work I have begun.

Incorporating this feminine sound world, the everyday space, its landscapes and its experiences.

Rediscovering women’s stories, their ways of listening, the soundscapes that surround them, particular aspects of their life and environment, in order to project them into everyday life.

To recognise their own voice as an instrument for the preservation of sound memory.

Using experimentation with sound, radio art as the thread that runs through these memories, this listening, using these aesthetic tools as guides for the narrative.

From the experimental place that radio provides, achieving a connection in complicity with the interpellated in these dialogues of approaches.

For this project I propose a joint collaboration with the sound artist Sol Rezza whom I met during the making of Mujeres en la Experimentación SONORA and whose contribution from the field of sound experimentation will create a rich collaboration, an encounter between the world of radio, oral history and will open up this space between the feminine and the masculine. In order to re-imagine from the oral tradition these sonorous encounters, possible moments generating bridges to listening.

It is essential in this project to create new artistic links through sound experimentation with ears that are not usually conventional.

In some way, the approaches achieved will have a permanent influence on our own production and worldview.

Likewise, to organise an archive of women’s voices, generating a series of radio art works that can be listened to through different platforms all over the world, in which the NOISE is the Message radio programme participates.