Everything that exists, exists with absolute precision.
Whatever the size of the head of a pin, it does not overflow by a fraction of a millimetre.

—| Clarice Lispector

Born in 1944 in Mar del Plata, Argentine, Justel begins her musical education in the Conservatory of that city where she had the degree of Professor of Music Education and Choral Conducting. Afterward she studies Composition in Buenos Aires with teachers Virtú Maragno, Sergio Hualpa and Eduardo Tejeda, then Electroacoustics with teachers José Maranzano and Francisco Kröpfl. Previously she made a License in Journalism and sciences of communication in the School of JSC of Mar del Pata, also she enters in the field of Fine and Visual Arts.

In 1988 se moves to France where she obtains the Master in Computer Music and the degree of Doctor in Esthetics, Sciences and Tecnology of Arts. She also obtains the french citizenship.

She has been teaching in Mar del Plata (Conservatory of Music and School of Fine Arts) and in France (University of Marne La Vallée). She has given several conferences and master classes on the different themes of her speciality in: Argentine, Germany, France, The Netherland, Spain.

She won many prizes and commissions in different countries of Europe, also she has integrated International Juries. Her works have been recorded by Empreintes Digitales of Canada and in several compilations.

She has published articles on different aspects of electroacustic composition and video art. Her Thesis “The formal structures in electroacoustic music” has been published by Ediciones Septentrion of France and it is a consultation work in different universities of United States and Europe.

Nowadays she works as independent composer and video artist. She is member of several international associations.

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Fragments and pieces by Elsa Justel used in the montage.