#DISRUPTIVES is a multimedia project combining experimental sound composition and interactive videogame experience. The project is inspired by a series of interviews conducted by Franco Falistoco with various female sound artists who share their perspectives, creative processes and experiences in the world of sound and audio.

Based on these interviews, #DISRUPTIVES creates an immersive virtual world that invites the user to explore the artists’ unique points of view and create their own stories. This short video game presents a series of anecdotes and stories that reflect the experiences and challenges of women artists in the field of sound, weaving a tapestry of diverse voices and perspectives.

Through sound mixing, voices and interactivity, Disruptivas offers an engaging experience that invites the user to explore the creative potential of sound and to discover for themselves very personal perspectives on the environment that surrounds us as women working in the world of sound art.

Designing this work was a challenging task because it required delving into the deep experiences and perspectives of these talented artists and translating them into a virtual world. It was like creating a story within a story, trying to capture the essence of their visions and bring them to life in a new and captivating way.


The resulting experience immerses the user in a simple room that serves as a canvas for transformation and connection to the story.

Every object in the room – from a simple painting to the walls, light switches and radio – is designed to interact with the user in unexpected ways, with the intention of creating a dynamic and engaging environment from sound that evolves as the user interacts with it.


One of my key priorities was to ensure that the user remained fully engaged throughout the experience, and that the visuals served as a complement to the audio rather than a distraction. To achieve this, I placed particular emphasis on creating moments where those navigating this virtual world could fully focus on the stories being told by the performers, while discovering the connections between them.

By carefully balancing visual and sonic elements, I sought to create an immersive and engaging experience that would draw the user into the world of sound, while also offering opportunities for reflection and contemplation. Ultimately, my aim was to create a work that speaks to the heart and mind, engaging the user on multiple levels and leaving a lasting impression long after the experience has ended.


Although my work usually focuses on the spatialisation of audio, for this particular project I decided to take a different approach. Instead of modifying the voices of the performers, I focused on capturing their unique perspectives and presenting them in a faithful and authentic way.

To achieve this, I focused the spatialisation component of the work on the transformation of the sounds as the user interacted with them. My aim was to create an immersive and interactive experience that would take the user into the world of the artists, allowing them to explore their creative processes and gain new insights into sound art.

#DISRUPTIVES — Scene 1 | Work in Porgress

Overall, my challenge was to find ways to highlight the sounds themselves and their relationship to the user, rather than relying solely on spatialisation techniques to shape the experience.

#DISRUPTIVES — Scene 2 | Work in Porgress